Attorney Dr. Bianca Müller

Range of Service

I am specialized in the following legal areas: copyright law, music law, publishing law, photo law, intellectual property, trademarks, rights to the use of a name, company law and press law. I can provide legal advice in German or in English.

My daily work includes the preparation and conducting of lawsuits and injunctions. Furthermore, it includes the commentating, negotiating and drafting of master agreements, artist agreements, producer agreements, label agreements, advertising music agreements, publishing agreements, distribution agreements, merchandising agreements, event agreements, artist management agreements, film music and soundtrack agreements, video agreements, sponsoring agreements, agency agreements and other licensing agreements. Of course I can also assist you in matters concerning copyright collecting societies.

With my network of national and international colleagues and tax consultants, I can also help my clients with matters that overlap into other areas. Of course, my clients will profit from my contacts in the industry as well.