Attorney Dr. Bianca Müller

In these cases I am the right person for your request:

As a musician or band/ensemble, you need a lawyer who knows the industry and its players and can handle your contracts such as management agreement, artist agreement, master license agreement, remix agreement, cover agreement, booking agreement, concert agreement, tour agreement, event agreement, merchandise agreement, publishing agreement, author exclusive agreement, administration agreement, sub-publishing agreement, co-publishing agreement, film composer agreement, agreement with a distributor for digital and/or physical exploitation.

You are a recording company, publisher, recording studio, artist management, booker, merchandise company, dubbing studio and need legally secure contracts with your licensors and/or exploiters.

You are an advertising agency or produce films or games and need clarification of the musical works and/or musical recordings used in a production.

You need representation of your interests in out-of-court disputes or in court regarding infringements of copyrights or ancillary copyrights or disputes arising from the aforementioned contracts.

You have questions about registering a trademark or your trademark has been infringed or you have been accused of infringing a trademark.