Attorney Dr. Bianca Müller


Dr. Bianca Müller, Fachanwältin für Urheber- und Medienrecht

As a specialist in the field of copyright and entertainment law, I strongly advocate your interests and work quickly and solution-oriented.

The focus of my work is in the field of music law: I advise composers, musicians and music groups, music producers, influencers as well as companies in the music industry such as labels, managements, publishers, bookers, promoters, merchandise companies, recording studios and music distributors. Rights clearing, i.e. clearing the rights of music for film, advertising and computer games as well as samples, is also part of my daily work. In addition, dubbing and commercial voice-over artists and dubbing studios are among my clients. I advise both creators and exploitation companies and thus know the interests and viewpoints of both sides of the music industry, which is to your advantage when finding a solution.

Among other things, I comment on, negotiate and draft contracts and represent my clients when contracts are terminated. If your copyrights or ancillary copyrights have been infringed by plagiarism or unauthorized use, or if you have been warned about such infringement, I represent you and try to enforce your interests. I also represent you in court proceedings throughout Germany. Since legal proceedings cost time and money, it is important to avoid them. However, I do not shy away from legal disputes and have over 20 years of court experience throughout Germany.

In addition, I advise my clients in matters of trademark law.

You will find a detailed description of the services that I can offer you under the heading Range of Services. Under Profile you can learn everything about my training and education and my long-year experience as a legal adviser and lawyer in the entertainment industry.

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